i totally lied about being back in june

turns out it’s still MAY, and here i am again. who knew i’d complete two more projects before the end of the month?

first and foremost, i’d like to introduce my new friend[s], Jeeves and Wooster.


as mentioned previously, it [they] is [are] a project from the Super Scary Mochimochi book, which i think is just the cat’s pyjamas. loads of fun knitting projects in there!


Jeeves has a mustache, beard, three eyes and antennas (with pipe cleaners inside to make them pose-able).


Wooster has just two eyes, some fangs (more like walrus tusks, really) and spikes from the top of his head to the bottom of his neck.


the two share a tail and a couple of tentacles. and they are ever so happy to do so.

the other project was one i’ve been meaning to tackle for ages.


i pulled a 9.75″ X 11.25″ pine board from my (ever-so-sloooooowly-dwindling) craft stash and painted it with a few layers of black chalkboard paint. after it cured, i used acrylics and added lettering and lines. now we have a supper planner!


my camera couldn’t quite get the colors right (too much of a black field, i guess), but the lettering is light green and periwinkle, and the lines are a light lavender.

OK, that SHOULD BE IT for may. but i’m not making any promises.

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