step on it!

ever since i saw this post about selvedge pin cushions, i’ve been trying to remember to save my selvedges so i could make something of them. if only i’d thought to save them long ago! when i think of all the selvedges i’ve thrown away over the years… sheesh, what a waste.

last week, i started a new project using the selvedges i’ve been saving, and i finished it saturday afternoon.


it’s a new rug!


it’s about 25″ X 37″. the selvedges were sewn to a backing that consists of two thicknesses of old bedsheets.


looks like i’ve purchased a lot of fabric from jo ann over the years. no big surprise there! they’re pretty much the only game in town these days.


i used black bias tape for the edges.


so much sewing involved in this project! i went through two full bobbins while sewing the selvedges down. phew!

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