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here are the instructions i put together for my scheduled appearance on the Uncommon Threads Sweet Tooth Teatime episode that aired last week. my bit was cut for time just before taping, but i was still part of the show. i helped do some ironing and made what thought were helpful comments during the other segments. at the end of the show, i got to show off a bunch of the teapot cozies i’d made as samples for my part. as one of this country’s cable-free residents, i still haven’t seen the show, but the folks who have seen it assure me that i did alright. i guess i’ll find out soon enough!

i could’ve sworn my instructions were a little different, but i’m sure they evolved in the back-and-forth between the producer and me. my original super-detailed directions seem to have been lost in translation.


Show Title: Sweet Tooth Tea Time
Group: Felt Club
Name of Project: Cupcake Teapot Cozy

Fabric A (icing): 2 pieces 8″ x 16″
Fabric B (baking cup): 2 pieces 8″ x 16″
Fabric C (lining): 2 pieces 16″ x 16″
Batting (or polar fleece): 2 pieces 16″ x 16″
Optional (for decorating the cupcake “icing”): beads, buttons, sequins, ribbons, eyelet trim, embroidery floss

Sewing machine
Fabric marker
Pinking shears

TC template

Pin one piece of “icing” fabric (A) to one piece of baking cup fabric (B) along the 16” edge. All seams are ½” unless noted.
Sew pinned pieces of fabric A (icing) & B (baking cup) together.
Use straight stitch, use both hands to keep fabric lined up while stitching.
Press seam open.
Repeat for remaining pieces of Fabrics A and B.
Lay sewn piece face-up and place the teapot cozy template on the fabric.
Trace template on to the right side of each fabric piece using fabric marking pen/chalk/pencil.
Place each marked fabric piece on top of a piece of batting, with wrong side of fabric against the batting.
Pin the fabric to the batting.
Stitch the fabric (B – baking cup) to the batting, using vertical stitches.
[TIP: instead of using sewing machine, hand-quilt.]
Stitch the Fabric A portion, using wavy or swirled lines for your stitches.
(optional) Embellish the Fabric A portion (this is your cupcake “icing”) be sewing on beaded “jimmies”, lace “frosting” or button “candies”, making sure to keep the embellishments inside of the 1/2″ outer seam allowance.
Cut the finished fabric/batting along the traced template line.
Place fabrics right sides together.
Sew along the rounded edge.
Clip curves (or trim seams using pinking shears) and turn the piece right side out.
Trace template on to both pieces of Fabric C.
Cut along the traced line.
Sew the two Fabric C pieces together along the curved edge, leaving an opening along one side of approximately 4″ and clip/trim curves.
Place outer cozy inside of the lining (matching bottom edges and side seams).
Sew along bottom edges.
Reach into the opening in the lining and pull the fabrics right side out.
Hand-sew opening together.
Push the lining up into the outer cozy.
Attach pompom to the top of the outside of the cozy, catching the lining fabric on the inside while stitching.

hot tea for everyone!

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  1. I’m so glad to have found your site. I have been hunting for your tea cozy pattern. Very, very cute. Thanks for sharing.

  2. great tutorial, super cute tea cozy, could do egg cosies in the same way (mini cupcakes!)

  3. I just found your cupcake cozy by accident, I have no idea how I landed on your page!! Anyway< I love it!! It is exactly what I need. I am so excited to get started on making one…or two…or…Thank you!!

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