when it rains, it pours

all that talk about how i have so little time for crafting, and here i am again, with another finished object! i know, it’s crazy!


a lovely friend in chicago was kind enough to send me all the bits i needed for this project: a skein of Manos del Uraguay Silk Blend, a set of size 6 dpns, and the knitting instructions**. all i needed to do was find the time to do it.


so i found the time, a few minutes here and there. and i have to say, this pattern was very straightforward, and the mitts knit up easily, and i’m very happy with the results.


and can i talk about this yarn, just a little? i really love it. i normally can’t wear wool (and other animal hair items), but this blend feels so nice! no itching (so far, knock wood!). i’m going to have to save my pennies so i can buy some more of this stuff.

** it’s the Churchmouse Yarns and Teas “welted fingerless gloves” pattern. buy the pattern here.


you might think i’m a slacker, since i haven’t been posting much here lately. and it’s not that i’m slacking. really! i just haven’t had much time for crafting, which pretty much blows. i’ve been able to sneak in a few moments of creative time here and there, so the projects are putt-putt-putting along slowly. verrrrrry slooooowly.

that being said, i do have a few FOs to share. cards! i made some cards. so that’s what i’m sharing.

card x527
no. 527

card x528
no. 528

card x529
no. 529

card x530
no. 530

magazine and book pages. some ink, some glitter.

i think 529 is my favorite. it’s going to be hard to send that one out.

in other news, my knitting (the jeeves and wooster monster) made it to the mochimochi blog! it’s super exciting for me, because i love Anna Hrachovec’s patterns. they’re loads of fun! if you like knitting cute and crazy creatures, please check out her website.

fewer and further between

time seems to keep skipping away from me. i have less and less to spend on fun crafty projects these days, which is a super huge drag, but i’ll eventually find a better balance of work and play.

a few finished projects from the past month or so (then it’s back to the grind!):


those mochimochi missing links were so much fun that i thought i’d get a little crazy and make an extra-tall version.


it’s like a little conehead. i’ll probably end up making a whole herd/gaggle/school of ‘em, since they’re a pretty quick-and-easy knit. my favorite kind of project! instant gratification. plus they take very little yarn, so i can use of all those partial skeins.


and then there are the bowls.


crochet this time.


two yarns for each bowl: one chunky, one skinny.


i think it works best with extra chunky and extra skinny.


that way, you can really see both yarns.


not sure exactly what i’m going to do with these yet…


but they were fun to make, so that counts for a lot.


i’ve been cleaning my craftroom today. opening bins, tossing out crap i’m not going to use any time soon, re-arranging what’s left, making plans for forgotten bits and bobs. and in one of my “random stuff” bins, i found a little something i stashed years and years ago.


vintage swizzle sticks. they once belonged to my mom, and were part of a pretty big swizzle stick collection. when i was a kid, i thought these were the greatest things ever. jokes you can stick in a drink! so when they made their way to me, i thought about using them. goodness knows i do occasionally enjoy a nice cocktail. they’re really old plastic, though, and old plastic kind of scares me, so i figured i’d keep ‘em in the craft stash and maybe use them for a project.

and here i am, years later, still wondering what to do with them. i’ve been trying really hard to keep the clutter in our home to a minimum, so putting them on display somewhere isn’t much of an option. at least i have this scan of them, so if i get rid of them, it’s not like they’ll be gone forever. their memory lives on.

decisions, decisions…